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rsspls generates RSS feeds from web pages using CSS selectors to extract parts of the page and turn them into a feed. Example use cases:

  • Create a feed for a blog that does not have one so that you will know when there are new posts.
  • Create a feed from the search results on real estate agent's website so that you know when there are new listings—without having to check manually all the time.
  • Create a feed of the upcoming tour dates of your favourite band or DJ.
  • Create a feed of the product page for a company, so you know when new products are added.

You can subscribe to the generated feeds in your feed reader, either by referring to them locally or by publishing them on a web server.


Frequently anticipated questions:

  • Does rsspls require a runtime or dependencies?
    No. It's implemented in Rust and is a single-file native binary.
  • The screenshot at the top of the page looks like classic Mac OS. Does it run on this system?
    No. The screenshot is from Mac OS 8 but it shows a ssheven window logged in to a Linux system running rsspls.
  • Why did you use a screenshot from Mac OS 8?
    I didn't want the screenshot to look like it was from any particular modern system, so I picked an old one with a great design.


This project is dual licenced under either of:

at your option.


  • RSS feed icon by The Mozilla Foundation.
  • Website theme based on Juice by HuHu with colours by Di.
  • Fira Sans variable font by Mozilla and Greg Gibson.